Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Harvest Oil Palm

This morning I wake up at 7am lo.. My younger brother call me wake up lo.. Then straight drive back to AyerTawar. Go to my grandma house, ask her know how to go to the Indonesian house or not? She said not sure.. Then I call my dad lo..Pass the phone to her. (still dont want talk with my dad) Then he said this and that lo to my grandma.. Then ma bring my grandma go lo... But she still confuse.. Teach wrong road.. At last we find the house. Then bring my Indonesian worker lo.. After that, I go San Shan taipoa (bungkus) 2 chicken rice + rice and me chicken rice + char siew (roast pork) + rice. All total RM9.00.

Then I drive back to my grandma house to take the knife. Everything to harvest the oil palm.
Around 8am I bring my Indonesian worker go to Columbia farm to harvest the oil palm... Damn sien la.. Nothing to do. SO ma pick up the small oil palm seed lo.. and became camera man again.. haha

the Indonesian guy sharpening the knife

Then around 2pm I told them I go back eat lunch. After eat, take shower and go find my friend lo with Dennis.. To give her the dvd.. forensic heroes II. Just borrow her meh.. Her name is KeaChen lo.. 1st meet. Then we go to eat Ice Peanut again lo.. At Taman Jasmine.

After eat Ice Peanut, we go to Market to buy kuih muih lo.. for the worker.. Scare then hungry.. hehe.. ANd we go in to the farm again. On the way to there, I saw a oil palm. not really big la.. then faster go down and pick it up. throw inside the car. U know what I do today? Became thieves. TAKE my grandma oil palm. This one all is my cousin brother idea.. hehe :D we Take around 5seed lo.. and we go sell . get RM121. Then I take RM71 and Dennis take RM50. for diesel money.. haha :D

Like that lo...

Around 6.30pm I follow my cousin go Ochard Inn at Lumut lo.. Dono wat stupid seminar. dono what them talking about. Because in mandarin ma... and the slide all in chinese word. dono baca lo.. more kesian it the malay guy at there.. dono nothing.. But all I know is about Chicken Medicine lo.. FYI both of us is younger rare chicken at there.. haha.. The food at there r. Dono want to said what la... . not nice one.. Alot waste.. haha.. I take alot .. but didnt finish.. But I drink 10 glass of orange juice. after finish the seminar they give beer to drink. I drink 2 can and Dennis drink 1 can. Somemore I bring back 1 can lo....

The food I take,..
Laksa, Tomyam soup, CHicken, Salad, Vegetable, blah blah...

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