Saturday, July 19, 2008


so sad.. I being dump by LCY.. uwawawawa
all is lie.. she lie to me.. never keep her promise marry me..
I tell her.. this time if u failed again, u need beranak for me.. haha :D

dsloong - reli single?
lcyin - tell d truth dy still don wan blieve
dsloong -today baru believe
dsloong -see ur friendster just update
lcyin -haixxxxxxxxxxx
dsloong -background also hilang.. status = single
lcyin - no line mar here
dsloong -ok
dsloon -now u at college?
lcyin -now onli ok ahhhhhhhh
dsloong - ok ok
dsloong - then i go kao u lo
dsloong -can ma?
lcyin - crazy ah u
lcyin -no mood play lo
dsloong - aiya.. give me exp la
dsloong - 21 dy.. no tor to par
lcyin - don wsan
dsloong - aduh..
dsloong - cannot ?
dsloong - charm
lcyin - ya
dsloong - sad01
lcyin - no use2

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