Monday, July 21, 2008


This morning as usual lo.. go to Oil Palm farm.. Lazy to story la.. About same la the activity. My car stucked at the mud again. But today I manage to drive thru.. hehe.

Lunch time I go eat with taukey ayam lo... Then back play office computer game, watch drama and see office record.. hehe...
Around 7pm I drive back, Damn hungry. Go back also nothing to eat. My mum havent cook. She went to see my younger brother at Hospital lo.. At 8pm she back and cook. Fried chicken and Kailan Ikan Masin. After eat I drink Bird Nest. wah.. so long didnt drink original bird nest. The last time I drank was before Chiang fly to Korea. I think got 6 month already.

After drink I go visited my younger brother at Pusat Pakar Seri Manjung lo.. the name something like that. Tomorrow I go check again. Nothing one. The hospital damn hot one. At reception there only on fan. No air cond. Then at 9.30pm I go back house and continue drink the Bird Nest. Then my sister taipoa me Bubur Ayam Mcd (porridge) eat again.. sigh.. everyday eat eat eat...

Bird Nest

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