Monday, July 28, 2008

Ayertawarian 2008 Seduction Contest


SMS ID = dsloong

SMS ID = kslooi

SMS ID = chiang

SMS ID = alan

SMS ID = fishy

SMS ID = lingzhou

SMS ID = Iek


SMS ID = mingsie

SMS ID = yvonne

SMS ID = yeefang

SMS ID = lcyin

SMS ID = hueyling

SMS ID = Christina

SMS ID = Liping

Ok! First of all, I would like to congratulate all the above contestants who had successfully entered the FINAL of Ayertawarian Seduction Contest 2008!!! Once again, congratulation!!! Sadly, the judges, who I had employed from overseas(Taiwan, Japan and America) costing me almost hundred thousands ringgit were unable to decide who is the most seductive. Unluckily, the audiences, public and their fans were also reluctant to vote for them via smsing because everything had ''naik'' lately. Kedekut betul!!! What can I do as an organiser? Of course I cannot let their popularity just fade and gone like tat mah. Therefore, I hope those who was so lucky to reach here, please do free to vote for them so that I can come out with the best decision. I really really need help from you all. Everyone also can vote, ''yang muda kah, yang tua kah, yang dah kahwin kah, siapa siapa pun boleh lah, tapi janganlah yang ada heart disease''. Great thanks!!! :P


The Taiwan judge too shy to show his face.

From America

From Japan

This Contest has 2 categories
- Male and Female.
- Please do vote for male and female contestants

The result will announce at The Star on 080808. Please be patient wait for the result...

- BAPAK Ayam (male) and MUMMY (female) nick
- 2ekor ayam
- 2 ticket visit chicken farm

Consolation Prize
- 1 packet Chicken Shit
- vacancy for korek ayam taik

Sponsor by :
Ding Siew Loong
Harmony Poultry Sdn Bhd

how to vote

1st - take ur handphone
2nd - write sms
3rd - type "SMS Secude code ID" to 0142214214
each sms cost 5cent for maxis user, 15cent for digi and celcom user. And for international itu aku tarak tau..

Closing Date : 08-08-08

Please vote if u think they have potential and don't forget to leave comment. either at shoutbox or comment below here

thanks :D


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DING said...

Hahaha...u really siao...super siao level 1 bilion
Keep the good n cold jokes coming
U made my day n i bet everyone else's day