Thursday, July 17, 2008


This morning I go Manjung eat mee lo.. mee soup and mee kicap.. then go back ayertawar around 0830 and sleep for while.. Not really sleep la.. Just baring2 only. Becoz I promise my grandma going to farm at 0900 lo... Go there nothing to do one.. ask me bring hoe jalan here and there lo.. see got grass to cangkul or not.. haha

Today when i reverse the car I kiss oil palm tree lo.. aiks.. so unlucky. that time rushing go to MESAT school. want borrow toilet.. damn lausai.. aiks.. at last i pangsai at the farm.. hehe.. aiks.. need use money to repair somemore... huhu... I will upload the picture tomorrow lo.. now lazy to transfer from my stupid phone.. hehe

Then after back from the farm, I go kutip steel again with my cousin Dennis lo.. Today we sell around RM350 lo.. and share.. 1 ppl get RM170 and extra RM10 buy egg , onion and cabai (not cibai k) lolx. for the Indonesian worker.. Pity at them.. Nothing to eat.. hehe

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