Saturday, July 5, 2008

Pick Up The Oil Palm Seed

Today go harvest at Taman DInding Oil Palm Farm lo.. Get scold by my grandma.. Because promise go fetch her around 9am.. But I forgot.. She walk from AyerTawar house to the farm. Take about half and hour lo... Aiks... I ask her call me, then go fetch her.. But I forgot to give my phone number to her.. Sigh.... But nevermind.. She just complain leg pain nia.. haha.
This is my job lo... hehe.. everyday do this at kebun.. hope can get SALARY.. although 1kg only RM0.60.

My grandma pick up the seed.

All the Indonesian eat breakfast lo.. I taipao one... Dono what to buy. Chicken Rice again lo.. Hope they dont complain... haha.. Thought want to buy nasi lemak. Scare they said I`m Kiamsiap (stingy). hehe

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