Friday, July 18, 2008


Today as usual lo.. send the Indon go to work.. go buy chicken rice again la.. aiks..... stupid Indonesian worker.. 1st forget to bring the Knife.. Then when give to him.. ask me balik and take the lock knife thing.. dono that day i spend how much diesel... huhuh.. Today breakfast I eat Chicken Rice + Roast Pig + Char siew and Nasi Lemak Biasa lo.. with Milo ICe... Then go back to the farm.. sleep for while.. around an hour la.. then baru wake up and work.. pick the seed lo.. and became supervisor.. hehe :D around 1pm I want to go back for lunch.. on the way out from the farm, then my dad came with the lorry. going to take the oil palm and sell lo.. The road fucking small.. cannot pass by.. so ma i reversed the car.. and stuck at the mud lo... Then i tell my dad the car was stuck. He came and drive the car. Use 2nd gear.. But still cannot. Then he go take the oil palm leaves lo put at the tyre there.. It take around half and hour lo... To move the car from the mud.. That is the story for today lo..


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