Sunday, July 20, 2008

IPOH (19 July 2008)

This morning I wake around 0700 lo.. go back ayertawar and fetch the Indonesian worker go work. Then taipoa chicken rice. Eat around RM15 lo.. Then bring them to sitiawan farm and harvest the oil palm lo.. Finish harvest at 1300 but go back at 1500. Because my dad wait the small lorry from his big brother lo.. Around 1400 the Indonesian worker complain hungry. Then bring them go out and buy Red bean Pau lo... just pao and drink also need RM16. More expensive then chicken rice from ayertawar.. :D

1500 - I cant wait anymore. damn.. wait from 2hour do nothing. So ma call my dad and said I going back now.. Bring the knife, and cart back 1st lo. damn . dono who complain me to my dad about I drive very fast.. If i know I going to scold him/her kao kao.. Then go back ayertawar saw my grandma do Pyramid Rice lo.. Then My mum cook fuchow food called WON . hehe... eat about 7 piece. becoz damn nice.. haha..

Then about 1600 I go back to my venice house.. Take shower and go to fetch my friend to Lumut. Meet another 2 friend. came from Penang. Reach Lumut, then they suggest go to Ipoh lo... Watch movies and play bowling. Then send my friend Zack go to medan gopeng. Because he going back to Alor Star that night. no more bus from Lumut.


- go to Medan Gopeng buy bus ticket 1st. damn the bus ticket is 2am.. aiks.. what to do? no more ticket already. That time I borrow Zack Rm10 because at there dont have ATM machine..

- then go to JJ (Jusco) lo.. so jam.. reach JJ. aiks.. so many people. because got sales lo.. Keep looking for the parking. At last park at the roof. Take about half and hour to park a car. so cibai one. got 1 security guard. ask him the way how to go to roof. He give us wrong direction. As last we manage find by our ownself. not follow the law one.. I drive use opposite road (Jalan Sehala).many car horn me.. hehe :D this one most of the ayertawarian know one. I dont follow road law.. haha

- inside JJ. We go to the food court lo.. I eat the Japanese food (forget what name already) and Yong Tau Fu. I drink 1 jumbo coke, Air Limau and Milo Ice.. Then we go to ding ding dong dong (Arcade game) play some game.. WTF , I spend alot money at there..Around RM10. Plan going to watch movies.. but full already.. So after game walk around lo.. Then stop at 1 stop. because the thing at there very special one (XXX) one.. hehe... Just walk around inside there and ask for the price. But didnt buy. Ask for syok sendiri only. After the shop we go out walk again lo.. Then I saw Baskin-Robbins lo..... I ask Saiful want to eat or not. Because I havent try it yet. This is my 1st time eat that ice cream. Kinda nice. But the price also very nice. Just buy 1 cone only but we share 3 people. Z , me and Saiful. .. Hehe.. Saiful paid for It.. haha

- 1 cone share 3 people.. hehe. After eat, we go to Bowling there lo.. Aiks... fade up.. so ugly place.. haha.. But cheap 1 game for RM4. Socking RM2 dono what brand.. hehe.. We play for 2 game lo.. After the bowling, We move up from Jusco and find MCD to eat our dinner. We go to MCD near Medan Gopeng one. Opposite la.. also full parking.. Need to park outside and walk in. Tonight I order Double Spicy Mcdeluxe lo.. 1st time eat.. Just like normal la.. nothing special. Just got extra Onion Ring nia.. After I finish eating, Saiful call his housemate name APEX (mix chinese with malay) come lo..

- After dinner arounf 0150. we go to medan gopeng wait for the bus.. Damn bus. write 2pm.. But came at 3am.. lol.. that time so sleepy. keep find thing to eat.. haha... after send Zack. I tell them I need take shower. with reason my body very itchy. actually is sleepy.. haha .. keep round here and there. 1st we go to Petronas Petrol Station. But the toilet very smelly and dirty. Then I drive again. Go to KERETA API IPOH. the name something like that la.. Wah.. the toilet very clean.. luckily Saiful bring his shower foam. And I bring my tower and some shirt lo. After take shower I drive back lo.. wah so tired.. I drive more than an hour. from Ipoh to Manjung. Dono how many 7e I Stop to buy drink. All my friend sleep until like pig. SNORING. haha I think they compete who is louder. BOY vs SAIFUL. and ECIK sleep without snoring.

Reach Manjung around 5am lo.. So tired. I sleep at Ecik house lo... Lazy to drive home. sure later my dad bising again.. hehe.. Ecik room go so many mosquito one. somemore hot. haha.. That is my Journey to Ipoh lo...

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