Friday, July 4, 2008

Harvest Oil Palm at MANI Farm...

This morning I wake up early lo... Bcoz need send my brother go to school lo... Before send him to school I go to fetch Indonesian Worker at Jalan Melayu... Then baru send my brother to school,.. After that as usual I go taipoa (buy) chicken rice for my Indonesian Worker lo.... :D

Then drive back to Ayer Tawar house fetch my grandma go lo... But my grandpa very kepo (busy body) one.. want to follow go.. He said r.. I bring them go.. huh.. what to do? so I continue sleep lo.. until 9am something, I drive ownself to MANI (not semen) hehe farm lo.. behind Looking Good there.. sitiawan. Reach there as usual I take video and pic lo.. hehe. :D . and I help to Pick Up some seed.

So heavy

Yeah.. they look like want to pangsai nia

The indon carry the seed and put at side before put inside the lorry

my grandma pull the grass lo..

my grandpa . dono what he doing. pick up the small seed too???

the indon carry the seed and put inside the lorry

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