Sunday, July 27, 2008


The anime I watching now is One Piece.
I got from first episode till now.. currently (Epi 363) and IT eat my hard disc place for 65GB. aiks.... It in Japanese with English subtitle.

The anime I complete watch is Dragon Ball Z and GT.
The file still at my computer. The Dragon Ball Z thinking of delete. But my heart will feel pain. Wait for a month to complete the anime. It in English Version The Dragon Ball GT I already burned out. But dono who borrow already. In cantonese version.

Beside that 2 anime, I also download Bleach and Naruto. But I didnt watch it. Download for my friend and cousin lo...

i) Bleach (epi 1 - 50 and 101 - 180)

ii) naruto shippuuden (epi 1 - 63)

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