Friday, January 30, 2009

3rd days Chinese New Years

You want to know how Ayertawarian party is kind of it? All right, let me go with Ling Tiao home to see. First of all, I want to explain a little bit of the ling tiao home is no live person. So little space. All right, we started Ling Zhou species.。

Ling Zhou: I told you ah Say, do not look down on me, in fact, I will of Japanese and Korean. Reasonable, you just put your side of the end of the sentence plus a "yo" a word. For example, but you said "yamete" time, it is Japanese. But you said "yameteyo ~ ~" pull a little bit, that is a Korean. Believe me, uncle, are the have practiced. . .

Kuan Siong dressed since he learned later, it will be with the woman scheduling photo. You look at the "Pig" in the face. . . fuiyo! beh tahan pyronaridine ...

This is reflected in our photos. Lintiao fuck is that red dress. Our party host.

But this point reflected drink a little bit child alcohol and then to do nothing, they will do tat pose 。

These two children are also "big pregnant," the. . . ==

But you heard the one beer to shake shake, then put it into the air drink drunk very quickly. Therefore, we (I, Lintiao, chiang) night to watch some testing. But fuck Lintiao fought too hard to get an entire can of beer burst.

3。。。2。。1。。 FLY!

A drink first。。。

Kuan Siong again~~

Chiang, Kuan Siong and DatukJenan

Gambling must be done and programs.
Lin Fuck: No edge, no edge, no edge.

Lintiao night MinC and fuck to do with
MinC: I told you say ah, you two should not have been a win. I have lost to Lintiao to fuck underwear hanging on the head. .

Huey Ling: wait for the next! Wait for the next! I calculate I look in the end are a few points.

Haha. . . Good.

I did not hit her, yes she sayang. You can see her smile a few happy。。

Not to schedule me. .

Finally there are only a few of us. . .
Ling Zhou: Haha! Look at my legs and chest ~

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