Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ha Long Bay , Vietnam

Current spot : Ha Long Bay
Next destination: Hue

We woke up around 4.30am to pack our stuff to catch the 5.30am bus to Halong Bay. A ticket costs VND60,0000/40,0000 = RM15 and the journey takes around 4 hours.

trying to fit 4 of us into the camera

tadah.. laiyee was sleeping.

our shipmates!!!
there is a super duper lengchai on the left side.
3rd from the left.

the plastic in front contains our food throughout the trip.
jelly, half jagung, bread, cakes, mineral water, banana, guava...

SheaTeng pose with it...
everyone was still laughing...
She poked out the other lenses....

Ugly Betty.

Grrr.. UGLY BETTY!!!

have you zoom in the picture to see the lengchai or not????
oklah, a bigger picture of him...

CHUN right???
omg he is so yeng..
like a model reading a lonely planet.


Pose in front of the big rocks with your whole gang (must act silly)

Pose with the local fruits. (can be bought there)

Yum Seng before the lunch...(beer is not include in the package. US$2 per can)

take plenty of the views to let people know that you have been there.

actually it's also a must thing to do there. Hang your head act like it's a piece of cloth. :P

while waiting for our van to pick us up.....
bb Halong Bay!!!

The caves we visited during Halong Bay,

CAVE 1: Nehh... that one la... (acting purposes)

spot laiyee!
See i told you it's so boring.
So, on our way to Cave #2


we passed by some tremendously beautiful view.

oklah. maybe not so nice also.
but it's actually very nice la.
depends how artistic you are lor.....
judge yourself.
i think not bad la.

Okay, welcome to CAVE 2
.yeah, that's the cave.
but we didn't go deep inside to take pictures because time was almost up.
ONE HOUR for two caves and a beach!!
So, we went for EXPRESS way of taking pictures after that..
fast fast
and go ahead of the
and stop

and if you lucky,
u sempat panjat atas pagar
and pose
and smile to the camera


WAIT. that's not the end of the tour yet.remember the beach i mentioned above??? hehehehe. Hold your breath because tonight will be night that i will fall for you... this is the only beach we saw while we were expressing!

So, were we conned or not?

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