Saturday, January 10, 2009

Nha Trang , Vietnam

Current spot : Nah Trang
Local time : 10.30pm
Next destination: Ho Chi Minh City

1st day in Nah Trang

Reach here around 6am after sleeping around 11 hours in the bus(sucks bus) from Hoi An. sleep behind of the bus with 4 older ang moi.. 1 women and 3 guys. At the moment we checking into our hotel, there's funny thing happened. There's ppl "pek yao"(fighting) where two person hitting another person with steel pipe and the person who being attacked ran into our hotel to take cover and the fighting happened at the lobby of the hotel!! hahaha~~ I was standing next to the lift with LaiYee and SheaTeng and see they came in and go out. I think it's some business problem... I didn't leave my ass from my chair cause it's steel pipe. If it's "parang", I sure won't so steady sit there~~ hahaha, sure take cover first... mana tau kena sekali!!

Continue to our trip, Nah Trang is a beach city and it's kinda windy here. We rent 4 bicycle and cycled around the city. It's tiring and hot... Today's weather is kinda windy and the wave is very strong. Therefore, we can't swim at the sea today. We going to stay in this city until tomoro night and after that leaving to Ho Chin Minh City at 8pm.

Now just finished cycling around the city. Rest for while at hotel lobby. Going to eat soon!!! very hungry!! C ya~~ keep on logging to my blog and read the nex story of my trip!!! ><"

Taken at Nha Trang beach

Near some unknown river

Hey, don't makan habis... I belum makan le...

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Alex Madina said...

pasti bontot kembang duduk lama lama dalam bas. hahahaha