Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hue , Vietnam

Current spot : Hue
Next destination: Hoi An

now at Hue, a historical city of Vietnam. here got alot of old palace of kings where there's citadel(a wall surround the city) and inside got alot of interesting stuffs. we don't hv much time here cause at first we thought of staying there until night but once we reached there, we only know that the last bus heading to Hoi An, our next destination is 2pm!! so we hv to make a express visit around this city. we rent 2 motorcycles cost us around VND 40 000 each which is around RM10 and we just stop for taking picture and video. we can't even eat our lunch, we just ate Oreo and some biscuits. T.T tiring but FUN!!!

We reached Hue around 11 morning and our initial plan was to rent a motor bike and travelled around the citadel and the city.

We asked around the bus station, there's no direct bus to Hoi An. So we try our luck on trains instead. There wasn't any motor for rent around, so we approached motor taxi. However, they can't speak much english so we called Ha to be medium and at last we rent two motorbikes for half a day, 40,0000VND each (10RM).

It was my very first time riding a motor in Vietnam. Though i must say that the traffic in Hue was much much better than Hanoi, i was very nervous and excited. I kept remind myself that the traffic is different from Msia and don't go to the wrong way/side. In Msia, we drive on the left side of the road, but theirs is on the right one. scary@.@ and we kept on honking on the road.

Went back to bus station and fetched laiyee and siewloong. Off we off to the train station. It was already 12.30 when we reached there. Haih, no train to Hoi An also leh. A man from the nearby cafe approached us, and he told us that the lastest bus to Hoi An is 2p.m, and we were left with two options.

1. Go visit Citadel in the fastest way and take the 2.p.m bus to Hoi An
2. Stay a night at Hue and get to travel around the small town of Hue for whole day

Of course we took option 1.

Though we had limited time to visit the Citadel, but we had so much doing it the express way.

we had our tripod ready, camera ready.

We had less than 2 minutes to set up the camera.

less than 10 seconds to pose. crazy and fun!

SheaTeng wearing the specs without glasses.
in attempt to cover my eyes from the dusk.

(these are all the pictures we took in less than an HOUR and of course with a complete visit of the CITADEL)
Laiyee explaining to the camcorder while Heng Chiang setting up the tripod and camera

Testing # 1

Testing #2.
i was floating in the air!!!

Testing no more.

another one.
we had no time to take off our helmets!!!

silly bengs and lians. haha

one of the four MAIN entrance.
heng chiang had no time to take off his helmet.

separate pics.

run to the middle of the bridge to take another shot.
risking being hit by motorcycles and bikes.

cannons. it would be great if there were 5 of us

BANG. u're dead.

3.2.1 Heng Chiang put helmet on laiyee's head. heheeh

"I WANT ANOTHER ONE SHOT without helmet!!!", laiyee

nice view :)

Finally we reached the main entrance to the ___ ( i don't know) after few times of wrong turns.
I was heading to the door to see if entrance fee is needed.

Yes, fee is needed. around 15,0000VND i think.
all we can was just stand by the gate and zoomed in to see the building.

group photo

lansi face


heng chiang



the four of us,did the silliest things in front of the main gate.
side kicking me
another side kick from the right.



3 of them

landed on the ground.


Give me back my camera, we are going to Hoi An la.....

it was crazy and we had so much fun doing that. It's really wasted that we have no opportunity to go in and visit. I heard laiyee mentioning bout many doors inside. Sigh. nvm, next time go again. haha

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