Friday, January 16, 2009


Current spot : Bangkok
Next destination: Phuket

1st days in Bangkok
erm.. take about 11hour journey from Siem Reap to Bangkok. 7hour inside the small mini bus cost us USD$15. and 4 hour inside the van. reach at Khao San Road around 7pm. Then go to find hotel. Stay at Siam Oriental Hotel cost us 390bath per night. Stay 2 night at there. After that we go to eat our dinner. I ate Fried Rice Tomyam and Chiang ate Tom Yam soup with rice. For me, the dishes not really nice. mini and expensive.
First thing we buy at there is T-Shirt. We bought 6pieces. 3 for me and 3 for chiang. each T-Shirt cost 120bath. still expensive . I remember last 2 years I just bought for 99bath at MBK. That night chiang was sick. Gastrik and vomit. dono what happened. That time he really emo lo.. so he back to hotel first. while I go walk around and online lo.. Of course I eat alot too....

2nd days in Bangkok
Wake up around 8.30am lo.. Then go take bath and eat my breakfast alone. coz that chiang was sick. After eat I go online for an hour lo.. to check how to go MBK... But need to online 1 hours lo.. for 40bath. If not each minute cost me 1bath. Then chiang sms me ask me "where am I?" he wait at Lobby there lo.. Then we go paid another night for the room. Ask the receptionist how to go to SIam Square. She show us how to take bus and take what bus. Red bus no 15. Just paid 7bath for each. Reach MBK lo.. Then start shopping lo.. I buy another 4 t shirt. some pen for yunloi and keychain as well. Then buy 1 short pant. very cheap one.. just 99bath. plan to wear this Chinese New Years. what to do.. no money to buy shirt.
After that, run to Hard Rock cafe to buy shirt for Ritz. Cost me 670bath. Then go to Siam Center and Siam Paragon. Thought want to buy some shirt at there,, But damn expensive, I wish that days I have 5000bath,, hehe,, so I can shop.,,

When want to go back, hardly to get bus. So we take TuT Tut cost us 100bath. Go back to Khao San Road. 1st thing is go to 7-eleven to bu some food. I bought chicken burger and chiang bought congee. Then he went to pharmacy to buy drug. He sakit already.. very emo... go back to hotel. take shower and chiang sleep for while. ask me wake him up at 10pm lo.. while I going out to find thing.. and makan again.. hehe :D around 10pm I go up hotel and call chiang lo..

That night, chiang want to buy pepper spray. but dont have. so he buy 1 knife for his brother cost 250bath. Then we go to do Dreadlock. I do around 280bath and chiang is 250bath. The pic I will upload when I balik to Malaysia.

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