Monday, January 19, 2009


Current spot : Phuket
Next destination: Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)

Took 1.13pm flight to Phuket. After landed at the Phuket International Airport, we took mini bus straight go the Patong Beach. Book a guest house there, next to the most happening street, Bang La Street for 800 Baht. The sea water there is so blue and clear... good place for swimming and water sports.

Spend 3 days 2 nights here... actually is just 2 days 2 nights but due to our flight delay... we hv to spend more day here... night here just partying. Beer, Girl, Music... combination of this three bring nowhere except party. Oh ya, nearly forgot, it should be four things plus transgender... hahaha~~ special case only in Phuket.

then we plan go to patong beach.. that time we cant find the bus.. so we take mini bus.. actually not mini bus. it VAN... cost ur 150bath.. aound RM16.. that fucking driver want to cheat us.. bring us go to 1 agency.. damn expensive the hotel at there.. around 1200bath.. said this and that.. this peak period dont have cheap hotel..

we break the record.

buy empty bottle
for drunk people across
change money.. Korea (won) to Thailand (bath)

bapok (ahgua) (trangender)

when order the food

But we manage find 800bath room.. thanks to a cauasian show us the way. after check in, we go take our lunch lo... eat maggie hot cup at Family Mark. When went out from family mark there got a group of ah gua (bapok) at there.. asked us want massage or not.. that ah gua.. damn ugly one... all the way we walk, keep asking us want massage or not... after that, we go to Patong Beach swim. We rent a chair cost me 80bath and 1 sleeping bed on beach. That time , we dont have enough money.. If not sure I play Jetski and bla bla bla.. too many activity at there.. Of course we cuci mata at there too.. alot of cauasaian just wear bikini. and some of them X wear also.. lolx.. but of course old one,,, no people want to see... lolx Then we went to shopping lo....

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