Thursday, January 22, 2009

Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia

Reach LCCT airport around 11.30pm... making us can't take any transport(there's bus to KL but no transport to go friend house in KL... so kinda useless if we can reach KL), taxi is expensive.. since we are so pokai after 2 weeks trip... so chiang just sleep in LCCT food garden til nex morning and take bus to KL. and i just walking here and there... how to sleep at that place.. with our luggage.. anytime also ppl can take..not like chiang. tido mati. even in bus also he sleep.

so we reach at KL cental around 6am lo.. went to 7eleven buy nasi goreng and 1 bottle mineral water.. not nice one.. then we take KTM to tasik selatan..and from tasik selatan we transit Star Line to Sri Petaling.

Went to Fishy's house at first... bath there.. put stuffs... then I washed my cloth. white color one.. of course expensive cloth.. haha . then go out follow him to IMU ATM machine to borrow some money from him. Met Yvon at the main door of IMU. Take some pic with her lo.. because she said our hair very yeng wor... btw i know she and fishy very malu one.. with our apperance..
That time IMU big boss saw us..

BOSS : excuse me!!! can i help u all?
We : no..
BOSS : r u all IMU student?
dsloong: nope.. but both of them is.. just come to visit friend.
BOSS: ok

Then we go to PUDU RAYA lo.. chiang want to buy ticket back to Ayer Tawar. Then we walk to bukit bintang. That chiang want go find monorail lo.. before that we went to eat our lunch... eat char siew rice. damn expensive lo.. then we walk again.. that time chiang got a bit emo.. but i still want to disturb him.. bring him walk long way.. haha.. at last we depart at Bukit Bintang.. around Sungei Wang there.. SO i nothing to do lo.. ma so sit at MCD Bukit Bintang. my old working place.. That time I called Takeshi.. Ask him when can go out.. eat.. he promise to treat me eat.. haha.. he said around 3pm lo.. coz want to bring his car to services. aiks...

Then sit at Mcd eat Ice cream cone. Then suddenly I remember once of the manager from MCD Manjung at Kuala Lumpur.. So I called him lo.. he said he at Pavilion.. near my place.. so i WALK go there meet him lo.. walk around pavilion.. damn sien because no money to shop.. Then we went to STARBUCK. drink coffee.. Acai treat me drink.. then he online at there.. for an hour... he said he got appoitment at 2pm lo.. so i depart with him around 1.45pm.. and i walk to lowyat..
around 2pm takeshi call me.. ask where am i? I said i in lowyat lo.. so we go eat our lunch.. eat chicken rice again... 1 set about rm10.

After that, Kenny call me.. said want to play bowling lo.. at Time Square.. so we go lo.. me and takeshi. and kenny with his india friend.. redwan working that time... so cant join us.. he working at Super Bowl Timesquare.. so we manage get alot discount.. ahaha.. not need to rent shoe.

Then go to LRT meet Azzam.. borrow money.. rm50... after that straight back to Sri Petaling.. Fishy house sleep. and the next morning wake up and ready go back to ayertawar by bus.

out from fishy house

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