Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Current spot : Siem Reap
Next destination: Bangkok

Take bus from Phnom Penh at 9am lo.. reach there already 4.00pm. Then take tut tut and find guest house. This time cost us USD$8. damn expensive lo.. then the tut tut to hotel is USD$1. and to Angkor Wat is USD$4. so total for tut tut was USD$5. aiks,, For free entrance to Angkor Wat need to wait until 5.30pm. If not we need to paid for USD$20. hehe.. so take some pic at there..

After that back to hotel.. and we go out to find food to eat. Eat bread with sardin.. hehe.. That time dont have much USD. AFter that go to shopping lo.. to buy some keychain and post postcard. But we Still not enough money to buy stamp. SO we go to exchange money lo.. Change RM50 and get USD$13. But before we go t money changer, chiang find 2 korean auntie and ask want to change korean won to USD or not.. hehe.. But at last end with nothing. That time we knew a chinese girl from China. but working at Cambodia. selling stamp. we manage to get her email. and her name is Chen Li Fang. she also know how to speak fuchow languages.

After that , we walk back and taipoa 4 more bread for tomorrow eat.

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