Friday, January 9, 2009

Hoi An, Vietnam

Current spot : Hoi An
Next destination:
Nah Trang

nw at a city named Hoi An, located at the central of Vietnam. a peaceful village, not a bustling city like Hanoi and surprisingly, most of the ppl here are able to speak English. here is a place where u can custom make your dress or suit. me and chiang made one coat here cost me only USD 30!! means RM110 in Malaysia~~ and those chiao bu who following us (Lai Yee & Shea Teng) they made dress(for ball one) for only USD 17~~ really cheap! very sorry cause no picture to show u guys... wait until i reach home i'll post more picture for u guys to see~!!

Approximately around 7.30 pm, the bus finally stopped and we reached Hoi An. It's a small town and the weather was chill and the air was fresh. First thing that caught our eyes, there are many shops which we can shop around. They have cute dresses and i told laiyee, "Hey, I want to shopping!!!"

The rate of the rooms are quite cheap, and according to Lonely Planet (which we snapped pictures the other day) this is the place where you could find the best accommodation around, which cheap prices with lotsa facilities.

posing in front of the guest house

It's true, because the guest house that we stayed in cost only USD12 (RM 36/4= RM9 person pernight) and there's swimming pool and four computers with Internet free for usage. :) but it was quite cold to swim.

our messy room

Yeah, we rushed out. very excited. but when we reached the shop, we went BLANK. didn't know what to do. Too many choices, too many options. T_T we sweat, and we were depress. LOL.

choosing materials.

Laiyee made a cheong sam(USD17) and a shorts. SheaTeng wanted to make a cheong sam too, but she already bought one at jonker earlier. T_T But, she did a pair of jeans(USD17) and a working skirt(USD10). heng chiang and me made a blazer each at USD30.

what ya think?
nice right?

Guess what, u can even make ur own shoes and bags. all leathers at here.

not only you can get leather bags, shoes and clothes, but you can also get cheap hand-made bags around. The prices are quite cheap and i bought 6 bags which cost USD24 nia. However, they are quite fragile, and we had so much difficulty in transporting back those bags, moreover we were
in backpacking style. :P

we spent 2 hours in this shop :}

Okay, enough of shopping. back to Hoi An. We really love this place because it's very peaceful. There have superb night view and very romantic too. :)

there are two shops that sell colorful lanterns...very colorful and variety in shapes and designs. we wanted to buy a few back, but considering we were backpacking, so better don't buy too much to avoid heavy loaded later. hehe

so peaceful and beautiful, I wants to sleep @.@

Laiyee admiring at the beautiful lanterns. ^^


Heng chiang, remained as cool as ever. :P

spot SheaTeng!!

perfect place for couples leh!! <-- lesbian..

Then, we walked across the bridge to have dinner. We sat at the upper floor, at the balcony, overseeing part of Hoi An. At times, it was too cold though. :S

the staircase was lighted by the lanterns.

I think i'm really bad at describing the scenery and everything. sorry ya. I think better let the pictures do the talking. :P

choose any dress you like. :)

the famous dish - the white rose. we were eager to try it out, but to our dismay, it was just wanton in Msia. lol

another famous dish, which happened to be fried wanton. haha


can you spot the LOVE?

very windy... and i love this pic too. very berFEEL. haha

famous attraction. the japanese bridge.

trying out the local red bean :)

while waiting for bus to Nha Trang. T_T another 12 hours bus ride. Fhuuu.

Guess how many Gigs of photos we took.???

till now.... :)

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Alex Madina said...

yes, i saw it on TV. u can have tailor made cloths very cheap there.