Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Teluk Senangin

hurm... 29 January 2009, went to Teluk Senangin with McDonald friends lo.... But before that, I bring Hakim and Iqbal go Columbia Chicken Farm catch chicken lo.. for Barbeque.. haha.. Just catch 5 chicken only.



Went to Teluk Senangin in the afternoon lo.. Then go swim.. and do the fire... That time just me, Azhar, Ejam , Iqbal, Pidot , Lyea and Fauziah.
At the night we start to Barbeque lo... till late nite.. Around 1am, Hakim and Amer came lo.. But just for while.. Then they taipoa some chicken lo.. bring back to store.


at last me inside d pic.. lolx

The next morning, we go swim again lo.. This time, only me, Azhar, Botak and Ustat swim only. Ejam and Hakimie still sleeping.. After swim, we take shower at Perigi lo....

with penis and breast.

(dono want to write wat)

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