Saturday, February 28, 2009

Supper at 7-Eleven

24 February 2009
After play Badminton , we went to 7-11 eat lo.. just for fun la.. everytime mamak.. eat until sien d... so we try mamee hot cup.. haha... Then Shauqi treat us drink Plum Juice.. haha About to finish eat, Fitri join us.. He just drink my saki baki soup. Coz that morning was raining, He was so cold.. and Need Hot drink. lolx

from left Izzul , me , Azwan , Shauqi <-- took by7-11 worker

own capture.. sorry.. senget a bit.. haha

from left Fitri, me, Shauqi and center Izzul <-- azwan took this pic

This pic took by Fitri

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zua the great said...

so cute yang baju putih..