Sunday, February 15, 2009

Grand Opening - McD Teluk Intan DT

This early morning. nothing to do.. Then around 4am. I go pump diesel.. of course sharing la.. . then I start drive to Teluk Intan lo.. with Hakim and Azidi.. arrived Teluk Intan around 4.40am.. Then go into drive thru.. disturb people la.. Around am, I drive to manager house.. coz we going to overnight at there.. althought just for few hour.. lolx..

Reach manager's house.. But they havent sleep yet.. still playing card lo.. I also Dono how to play .. 1 people have 5card.. Then keep add the coins only.



Gay Pose

Around 8am, I wake up. Then I wake Hakim and Azidi too.. That time only 3 of us in the house.. The door was lock. So we decide to find the way out from the house. At last I found the keys.. and we go out lo... When I want to drive out, suddenly a car drive into the house. So I reverse my car lo.. and pass the key to him.. Scare he dont have key go in,...

Reach at McD Teluk Intan DT at 8.30am. That time all people buzy preparing thing lo..
The first activity is Aerobic.

pic with Ronald

Crowding (supposed to be queue-ing) at Games Booths

Registration for Coloring Contest

Great response for Coloring Contest - they sure can color!

Aren't these Taekwondo champs so so cute ?!

Don't think I can do this!

The Warisan Budaya dancers

Ronald successfully making kids Happy :)

The supportive Crowd!

Urumi Mhelam

Aren't they lovely ?

WOW, right ? Popular photography backdrop in the HOT sun!

Look what the lion unfurled !

The Bomba bus became a perfect backdrop for the lion dance drummers

Ronald got a red packet and 2 oranges :)

Whose hair is redder ?!

Chinese 24 Drums


Rakan COP

Ronald .... flower girls, kompang, ardent fans ...WOW!

Kompang Friends

How to eat lah ... confetti cake

All the way to McD ... from Bidor

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