Friday, August 29, 2008

3rd Day in KL

8.30am - out from Fishy house. Then start calling Alan ask what time going out. But he didnt pick up. guess he Tidor Mati. hehe... So sien.. and still early. nothing to do. so sit inside STARLINE and pusing KL for 2 round. from sri petaling to sentul timur. Then back to Tasik Selatan.

10.00am - ask.. reach Taman Connought lo.. Then Alan Chen call me

Alan: hello
dsloong : ye
Alan: where r u?

dsloong: Taman Connought lo.. inside cc. what time u coming?
Alan: around 11am plak lo..

dsloong: call me when u reach my area
Alan: ok..

dsloong: bye

11.00am - still at cc lo.. damn sien one.. alot game cannot plak.. wonder y gunbound cant play.. hehe

11.30am - Alan Chen reach here.. find me . then we go eat lunch lo.. at Taman Connought. I treat him eat. I eat Nasi Campur and 2 chinese tea. Alan eat Kampuan.. a type of dry mee.. black color one.

After lunch we go Ever there cut my hair lo.. and dyle hair. Take half and hour to think what color should I dyle. and should I highlight it.. hehe... wah. so slow.. I think take about 2 hour to finish it. Paid RM120.



Then , Alan Chen go to buy ps2 game lo.. he buy a lot.. I think got 10 pieces.. aiks.. alway spend money at this thing....

After that we go to Mcdonald. Buy Sundae chocolate and strawberry. we paid Rm4 . but get more than that.. hehe.. I think it call Cornetto Sundae., offering the crunchy sweetness of crushed Cornetto cones mixed with mouth-watering chocolate chips. ,. U know why? because I meet my friend. Kenny. he work at Counter. so get alot of free thing. When go out time, I ask 1 regular sprite. he gave me.. hehe...

Then we move out from Mcdonald lo.. and take taxi to Lrt station.. many people wait for taxi. At LRT station. also need to que long to buy ticket. all Alan Chen fault. havent decide want go PWTC 1st or Hang Tuah. at last also go hang tuah.. hehe...

1st place we go is Low Yat lo.. coz my sibling want to buy memory card. After that , we go to Sungei Wang. Coz fishy want to buy stocking.. haha. Then we go to see bikini. tought want to buy for mingsie. as her birthday present. but so sad.. we domo her size. haha :D . Then we walk around sg wang lo.. and I buy a earing. cost rm13. long time i looking for it. cross earing. feel regret after bought it. becoz hard to wear and short. cant hanging around my ear. somemore some of my ear hole were close. long time didnt wear it.

After Sungei Wang, we go to Timesquare to buy watch for mingsie and kslooi. as birthday present. hehe.. After buy, We rushing go Pudu Raya. to send chianyin and fishy off to ayertawar. damn rush.. we walking. Alan left very behind becoz he walk damn slow.. 7.10pm arrive pudu raya. then I go to counter ask which platform. coz si fishy dono at where? Thought want to play chianyin. Like snatch her bag. ngek ngek but cant find her. at last i go to bus and look for her. haha.. she already inside the bus. then she came down lo.. and chit chat for while.. 7.35pm. si fishy havent came. the bus driver keep rush chianyin to seat the place lo.. but chianyin use her GIRL POWER to seduce that bus driver.. ask him wait for while.. at last si fishy arrive at 7.40pm.. haha.. so late.. then he quickly grab his bag and give me my mineral water and sweet I left at his house... :D

Around 9pm, I send Alan off at ERL tasik selatan. He going back to cyberjaya lo.. Then I wait for Azzam until 10pm.. wah so long... what to do? I tumpang his house to sleep.. hehe.. My phone battery low, finding some place to charge. At last I find a plug nearby the telephone stall.. hehe..

Tonight I sleep at Azzam house lo.. at Desa Baduri. It is police area. Azzam dad is a policemen. After take shower and put my bag at his house, we go take dinner at Ayam Maya Taman Connought. Long time didnt eat at there. As usual I order Nasi Goreng Patrik + Roti Planta + Limau ice + Ice Kosong and Azzam eat Nasi Goreng Cendawan + Telur Dadar and Lychee suam.
After eat I go online for while at cc lo.. Then go back to his house and sleep till tomorrow.

At Azzam room

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