Thursday, August 14, 2008


Today as usual I at Oil Palm Farm lo.. around 1300 suddenly my cousin brother call me.. Ask me where am I? I said at ur daddy chicken farm harvest Oil Palm la.. Then bla bla bla.. said he tayar pancit at sungai rotan there. ask me go workshop and take the tayar. After take tayar, I about to reach beruas, he call me again .. ask me balik take JET. Aiks.. damn heavy tat jet.. somemore that mechanic also dont wan to help me carry and put at the car. After that I drive lo. speed.. haha.. as usual hope no summon. Take about 30minute to reach his place. More far than Beruas . U think la.. Ayer Tawar - Beruas... How far?? So bring the tayar to him lo.. Feel suprise alot of people. got 8 people. la.. 7 guy and 1 girl.. 1 india , 1 chinese and 6 Indon. all just came back from catch chicken at sungai rotan. Then when balik time Kampung Merbau kuli follow me back lo;.... But this time is my cousin brother drive.. Because I lazy to drive car one.. haha..

On the way to Beruas I saw this plat NO. Ling Zhou family no.. 323

After bring the Indon back to their house, I go taipoa the chicken rice again at Restaurant 88. 2 pack chicken and 2 pack char siew lo... Coz my chicken rice I give to the Catch Chicken Indon eat. complaining Perut Lapar...
After that go to Taman Dinding lol. coz Dennis catch 1 python snake.. thought want to bela it. The next day the snake lari diri already.. haha

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