Thursday, August 14, 2008

Accident Again

Today I kiss a Char Kuey Teow stall at Kuil Ayer Tawar.. After finish sell the Oil Palm lo... Very stupid one that person. Put his stall beside the road. And he go KBC/ hiew at opposite of the stall with some BINACHI. Aiks.. damn cibai one.. I pass the lorry head. But at behind of the lorry I hit the stall celling. Then all the susu pekat drop on the floor. So I ask my Indon worker call my dad to settle with him lo... Just paid him RM50. Because also his salah wor.. My dad said that person dont have Lesen Perniagaan. So not need to paid more lo. If want paid more go report police la...

The stall I kiss. See that tiang, patah 1 already.. :D

My Indon Yellow shirth help that red shirt (Stallman) do the stall lo..

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