Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Catch Chicken

Today is my first day go catch chicken at Sg Rotan with my cousin. damn far. take around 30minute from ayertawar lo... Very sien one. Just go to tarik sangkar ayam nia. because I scare chicken.. hehe... go there at 5pm and back the next day 2pm.. all got 9 lorry lo.. At night the Indon all Syok Sendiri.. hehe... SInging and dancing. When they was sleeping I go kacau them. Capture some sexy pic.. haha :D

Jangan Tengkok Lama-Lama. Nanti Boleh Jadi Gila. Tau Tak,, OK!!! Cantik Lak Tu.. Tak Usah Tengkok Lama Sangat

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