Sunday, August 24, 2008

New Farm

aiks,, lazy to write la.. just write simple one. Nowaday I work ar Farn C lo.. Build new farm. Until my hand also pain.. and look at the indonesian worker so they wont curi tulang. My work very easy one. Bring them go, Then buy thing for them to eat and send they back,. This 2day my youngest brother alway follow me go to farm.. Damn noisy one.. haha.. But make my Indonesian worker day,, quite funny.. Beside that became cameraman also.. haha :D

The older indonesian worker. his name is Anis. Very hardworking one. he already 30 years old


huh.. gay pose.. lolx.

Day Dream

Big or not?

Melkey. his name. dono how to spell. just 22 years old

Forget what that. Very hard to pasang one.. need to use air liur. his name is ardi. He was 18 years old only

He was pasang chicken drink water drink. dono his name yet.. just 17years old

Maseh. He was fixing the chicken drink thing. he was 27 years old. also hard working

This is not under me one.. They were build another chicken house

His leg full of spot. Ulu leg. dont have his picture,. because he was low profile. u can check his face at video .

ADI. alway kena bully by me.. haha.. he just 18 years old. he alway follow me one.

Kick ur ball

Korek Hidung. euw....

This 2 person very lazy one. Alway curi tulang when my dad balik.. Haha..

This guy like to expose his nipple.. hehe. even he know I will post his pic at my blog.

Hujan (raining) also still want to do work. so pity

Pee from top. My favourite..

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