Sunday, August 3, 2008

Happy Birhday's Yu Chin Long (Fishy)

I know what he wish. He wish Yvonne Loi can forgive him..

This years his birthday more pity one.. No people celebrate with him.. Only me and Alan Chen go celebrate with him. Somemore celebrate late 10minute. haha.. feng sui lari.. haha. Need to drive to celebrate with him.. So sad.. No food to eat.. Need bring own food go eat.. I bought Burger and eat at his house lo.. Also nothing to drink one. at his house. No Coke.. Only got leng teh.. He already know I drink alot.. But he give me small cup. Hehe.. So I behsong.. I go korek his peti sejuk and saw orange juice.. Ma take glass and pour in lo.. Drink about 3 cup. Then play PS at his house lo.. After that send Alan Chen back to his house. Drop by his house. And self services. Go his refrigator and take 1.5L orange juice. Drink finish.. haha

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