Sunday, August 17, 2008

Indonesian House

Nowaday I alway lottering at Indonsian house.. Show u all the picture. Before go temple also lepak at they house from 5pm till 10pm. Then bring them go to Restaurant 88. AFter birng them go Ling Zhou call me, ask me wan go sitiawan or not. Then I said yes lo.. Ma I throw the Indon at there and promise will back fetch them at 11pm. Haha... But I reach ayertawar at 11.15pm.. so call the Indon where r they. They said at Temple already.


I think her name is ANITA. Very funny one

Red color shirt name is Marseh. Work with us about 10 years

That right side also under me one. My KULI.. hehe His name is ULU. Alway ask 3gp from me

After finish show at temple, I go to Indon house lepak again. They eat the Pizza i taipoa one. But they dono what is salad.. Keep asking me.. I also dono how to explain la.. I said eat la.. Wont DIED one... hehe.. After that I watch ASTRO until 2am and go out from the house./ because wait my friend lo.. to bluetooth thing lo... All the Indon was sleeping. doing nothing ma take them pic lo...

This is my Worker. He is under me one. He just 17 Years old.

This person Snore very loud one

This person when sleeping he can talk one. But dono what he said.

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