Monday, September 1, 2008

6th Day In KL

This afternoon around 3pm lo.. Takeshi send me to Serdang KTM lo. Then he straight go to work at Cyber Jaya.. nothing to do lo.. Then call kslooi want to meet or not. so sad.. he reply me.. BUZY.. no time.. huhu.. huhu
then take ktm back to tasik selatan. from tasik selatan i Take UCSI bus to Taman Connought lo... Take lunch at there. then go cc for 3 hour.. aiks.. nothing to do.. play gunbound for while.. also sien....
called fishy he on the way to KL. Then I call ngo wei kien. jenan and iek they in Sunway. so sad.. they didnt inform me.. wuahhuhuhuh.......
Then I go Sg Besi find Azzam to bluetooth the pic lo,. and he give me eat something. dono what is that. like meehun and kari ayam. but not meehun la. After that I called lcyin, I said I go Pudu Raya fetch her.. aiks.. she said dont wan. got people fetch her... aiks...

So ma called Sephiroth from mp3japan lo.. So he set. and ask me take ktm to subang jaya. Reach subang jaya. Sephiroth havent came. then go to stall at ther ebuy some snack to eat. I bought big Twisties and 4 pack kuaci. Eat almost finish he came with motor lo... Then start calling to ask people go out for yumcha.. aiks.. call about 6 people.. all damn buzy.

Call Kira yamato , he said want to send her wife back to Kedah at Puduraya. And some other person I think was working.. huhu.. At last we manage to contact Ustat at Sg Besi. So Sephiroth bring me go sg besi by motor lo.. Reach Ustat apartment. call him lo. he came down... then we go yumcha lo.. at somewhere sg besi la.. This time i eat Nasi Goreng Kampung because I broke already.. haha. around 1130pm I ask Sephiroth send me to LRT station/ Want to meet another friend. His name is Zabri. He ask me take LRT to Bandar Tun Razak lo..

I reach LRT SG besi.. omg.. It was close. so I call Zabri ask him to take me lo.. so he came at with his BMW plat no WLG 318 around 12am. He bring me go drink at Tasik Selatan there. I drink Orange juice lo.. He treat me...After chit chat he send me to Sri Petaling. Fishy house..

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