Tuesday, September 2, 2008

7th Day In KL

hurm.. today is my last night at KL lo...
Today I move out from fishy house around 1pm lo.. guess fishy ponteng his class. coz he mention to me need wake up at 10am.. haha. damn him.. go out taipoa lunch also never inform me.. haha.. eat mix rice. at last I sendiri go taipoa lo... so expensive one.. somemore the food not nice one....

After lunch, I go take shower. Then go out take LRT SRI PETALING to LRT BANDAR TASIK SELATAN. haha.. then straight go cc and play package. 3hour for RM5 around 6pm I go eat dinner lo.. at Auntie there. Mix rice also. Then plan go Hang Tuah to meet my friend. His name is Edward. Damn.. Take 1 hour to wait for the cab to Bandar Tasik Selatan. But we sharing lo.. 1 people rm0.90.. hehe...

Reach Hang Tuah so call my friend lo. he came and fetch me lo.. Loitering at his house. Suddenly Yvonne Loi miss call me.. Then I called back

dsloong: apasal?
yvonne: nothing la. Just now want ask u want go pasar malam or not?
dsloong: today tuesday where got pasar malam?
yvonne: at my area la... not taman connought la..
dsloong: what time?
yvonne: now lazy already la... u ask fishy want go or not?
dsloong: he r.. sure don wan one. he damn buzy one..
yvonne: ok lo...
dsloong: bye sweetheart.. haha :D <-- not in dialog..

Then around 8pm , Edward send me out lo.. Because want to meet hsloke. haha.. when I called him back he already at Tasik Selatan waiting for the cab balik Taman Connought lo..
damn.. that time LRT so slow.. make him wait about 30minutes.. he keep calling me ask MANA LU??

Then meet hsloke at Tasik Selatan. Take cab go taman connought. Then we go eat dinner again. hsloke treat me eat. coz that time I was broke.. we eat rice with chicken, and another one rice with pork. Then he borrow me RM10. I called Yvonne again. want go pasar malam or not? she said dont want already. go pasar for what? nothing one at there... hehe

Then I meet another friend, he ask me go to Leisuremall lo.. and meet him at there. Then we go drink at Old Town at Taman Midah lo... After that go round KL.. Around 2am . I hungry again. Then he bring me go mamak. eat roti canai. and I taipoa 3 roti kosong for fishy. He treated. hehe... Old town also he treat me.. tonite all people treat me eat.
After eat he send me to fishy house again lo... that time already 3am.. haha... nasib baik fishy havent sleep. still reading his book.

I eat at here with my friend Azhar.

See.. also never close the door after use. pic taken at 3am

This fellow read book until 4am.

Fishy refrigerator. so sad (cannot eat)

I sleep at here lo (fishy house)

Got mattress but fishy keep it in cupboard. Let me sleep on the sofa

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