Saturday, September 27, 2008


This morning I woke up at 3am. Because cant sleep lo.. Then online until 4am. And start the engine back to Ayer Tawar house fetch the Indonesian worker go air cond farm catch chicken. This time I calculate my record. Manjung House to Ayer Tawar house take 9minute and 13second. My fastest record. Because I never follow the traffic light. hehe :D

reach Ayer TAwar house, so ma HORN.(duuuuuuuu duuuuuu duuuuu). Horn about 15minute the Indonesian worker came out 1 by 1.. All look like muka tidur.. Hehe.. After that, another 1 thing happened.. Luckily the policemen didnt kejar me.. Hehe.. Because I ignore the traffic light and drive. In the same time there got a police car at there.. Then go to TOKO PECAH fetch another Indonesian Maid. At there the worker scold me. Said It was cold.

Finish catch chicken around 7.30am. Then balik Ayer Tawar and continue sleep until 9.30am. Then my grandma wake me up. ask me go sitiawan oil palm farm to put Pesticide. (damn , I forget what that word) (someone please help me)
I so boring lo. so ma burn all the leave.. I enjoy to see FIRE burning... haha.. PENCEMARAN UDARA.

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