Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Genting Highland

After Langkawi, we arranged another trip to Genting and this is the photo!!!

Ppl in my cable car!!

Taken with Chiang hand!!

Me and my friends are queuing for ride!!


In front of some restaurant.

I act funny~

Posing with the gula I bought~
Mines one... I want to eat!!!

I take pic with MingSie, my hobby!!

Charlie's Angel!!

Would you marry me?

Dulan min!

Shoot your ass!!

Picit your head!!

Couple in cup!!

Yeah, yo yo~

Taken by Looi~


I am Looi, the cameraman!!


What are you looking at?



Jenan with the chicks~!!

Before going for cyclone ride!!!

Me again~~ Act stupid.

Von's earring!!

I, buat kacau behind!!


Taken in hotel with guys!!

Alan's birthday party~~

Taken while waiting for ride. Looi cameraman!!

Wif chiang~

Looi with the chicks!!

Playing with food when breakfast!! Sorry!!

Want money or life??

And that's our genting pic!!

Occasion: Genting Trip
Date: 02 - 03 February 2008
Venue: Genting Highland (Pahang)
Participant: Zen Hing, Siew Loong, Heng Chiang, Yee Fang, Ming Sie, Yvonne Loi, Alan Chen, Kuan Siong, Chin Long, Jenan Ngo, Huei Sen

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