Tuesday, March 18, 2008

18 March 2008

This morning I woke up at 8am after my friend call me. If not I sure late again to class.
This morning I took Mee Goreng. As usual I eat while walking to college. My OOM class start at 0830 but the lecturer came at 0900. After pass up the assignment, the lecturer gave tutorial to do.
After OOM class, going to Java Programming 1 class. Guess I was sleeping for 2 hour inside the class. Today the lecturer gave our midterm paper. Huh.. so sad, I just got 4mark only. But still got someone get lower mark than me.

After finish Java class at 12noon. Me and my friends , go to Restaurant have lunch. Today I ate Meat, Vegetable and Egg. I drink Coffee+Tea Ice and Chinese Tea. After have our lunch , we go to CC play some LAN games while waiting 2pm. Got Java Lab. But at last we suggest to Ponteng the lab.

Back from CC I start playing games and chatting.
2130 I eat dinner with my friend. Tonight i eat alot...

Prawn Mee

Kuey Teow


Chicken Wing

3 glass Chinese Tea

That is my dinner picture for tonight.

Tomorrow I go Test for Introduction to Probability and Statistics. Wish me luck k.. :)

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