Thursday, November 13, 2008

City Kopitiam

This night go eat at City Kopitiam again with bitch and slut...
The bitch is mingsie lo.. as usual la.. better than call her pig.. and the slut is Chin Long..
Both of them damn noisy la at there lo.. This bitch har.. order alot.. but cant finish.. (I lagi seronok). haha.. keep changing place to seat.. lolx

I ordered tom yam seafood and ice kacang lo. Bitch and fishy ordered the same.. (tomyam nyok) since she was also known as pig…she can’t escape of pig’s behaviour and so she ordered additional fried rice. That durai bit clever whereby he ordered tom yam seafood. Actually, tom yam seafood and nyok were almost the same..just one inside a coconut and one inside a bowl. However, the major difference is that seafood has more seafood than nyok.

My tomyam seafood

Bitch's fried rice with salt fish

Top: Bitch(Bigger) ; Left bottom: Me(small) ; Right bottom: fishy(biggest) we went to Maybank nearby coz that bitch wants to deposite money. As usual, me followed her lo.. Fishy waited inside the car lor. Then he went in…bitch maybank account got problem..invalid account..etc. keep trying lo.. Then I suggest that bitch to deposite to my account first. Then transfer to her lo.. also cannot... Then that Bitch ask me withdraw lo.. That time I make fool at her.. I use invalid ATM card.. Of course the money cant withdraw la.. She start to worry.. lolx.. Most Important thing.. Is this one.. Lagi teruk.. When I want to withdraw the money RM1000. Suddenly the money didnt come out from the machine.. But the receipt shown already withdraw.. That time that bitch I think emo already.. Start to cry.. Actually not crying la.. her air mata come out.. lolx.. Then keep calling the customer service noumberlo. But no people answer. stupid maybank customer services.. Then at last , I decide call my friend lo.. Azlan working at there.. He said try again.. The money still at there lo... Cibai one.. Take 30 minute at maybank,.

Then went to McD. One we came down from car, all of us went to toilet. That time I take fishy peeing video,, Too bad,, Cant see his kuku jiao.(tought want to show to yvonne.. because she want to see.. want compare who biggest at chiang blog.. hehe) . haha.. only see his head nia.. not lancau head k.. :D That bitch expensed us MiloMcFlurry and we ate slowly in front of her. Her saliva kept dripping. :P. That bitch want to go Mcd to online, download porn konon,... But after 10minute online at there, sudeenly dc.. and cant make connection.. haha.. I already warn that bitch dont open torrent to many. Later will dc. That bitch dont listen to me lo.. haha... This thing already happened to her last week... Later, they went to my house. want to copy song and some 3jipian and 5jipian.. that bitch said want more extreme.. 2 and 5 tarak syok.. since she bought the condom at pharmacy , I'm still thinking tat night will fishy going to book room???? hehehe.. whose know???? got 5jipian, got laptop anf got condom.. hehe :D

When they almost reached my house, I suddenly turned to the right. want to fool fishy. because he did to me just now.....This time I dono why he stop at there.. I think he going to reverse,, But i saw a car stop behind him.. Wonder why he didnt realise.. That car then horn him lo...
almost kena accident.

A few minute at my house, That bitch's dad called her lo.. she told me her dad la.. But I dont think so.. Need run far far to answer the call...

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