Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Birthday's Jenan

Tonight (28 June 2008), Jeanan invite us go his house for party lo... Alot people.. Most of them is auntie and uncle one.. Not many teenager.. hehe.. Lazy to write so detail la... Actually got alot thing one.. About MingSie lo.......(Just Click here). If U want to know ask her lo,... What I do at her? hehe

Jenan invite use at 1900. But start at 2000 lo.. damn hungry... some more MingSie complaining.. nyamuk banyak (a lot of mosquito) The earlier one came is me lo... and the most late is Jaywin.. SOmemore got one guy r.. chiaduapoa (cakap besar) one... He said r.. will come around 9pm or 10pm.. but at last he didn't come.. call him also no answer.. dono what he doing at home with his wife and daughter. LingZhou said he busy at change her daughter pampers and feed her milk.. haha.. His name is Ling Ngie Chong.

Participants : Hok Hing, LiPing, Yun Loi , PanYuan , Yvonne, Ming Sie, Siew Loong , Huey Ling, Ling Zhou, Choo Siang, Zen Hing, Wei Kien and Jay Win

The food damn nice.. got Roast Baby Pig. (siew du yang). haha.. this is the most expensive one.. Then also got nasi lemak, mee goreng, meihoon goreng, watermelon, Nugget, Chicken and bla bla.. only this i can remember.. and the drink no choice la.. only got Ribena and Soya Bean. But at last Jenan bring up 1 7-up for us to drink (after playing game la..)

About the present r.. (thinking want to write or not) erm.. ok la.. Yvonne buy one.. She go to Ipoh and buy lo.. Dono how she settle la.. want give 2 to jenan or 1 piece. haha.. somemore she keep complaining I dont have time la... no time to shopping, i very rushing u know.. this and get..
aiks.. use too la.. ladies all like that one..

After the party end, alot people taipoa the shai tai (saki baki) back lo.. And we start playing games lo... Play what animal game, coca-cola, and another one see saw see saw shumacher blah blah blah (dont reli remember or spell it) After play feel hungry pulak.. damn the auntie and uncle bungkus all the food back.. make me suffer at here.. haha.. After gaming we chatting lo.. But most topic we talk is very dulai one.. wakakakak :D and HokHing leh.. became our cameraman lo..

ok la.. lazy to write... :D

Birthday Boy

Mesatian 2004 (but some dono came from where one) got smjk, acs also..

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lcyu said...

small pig..kena bakar till like tht..so cham!